History & Literature of the Roman Revolution


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Maps: Roman Empire Third Century C.E.;  map of Italy from IAM (their policies for use); map of Europe in antiquity from "DIR/ORB Antique and Medieval Atlas" (click on area for larger closeup); provinces of the Roman Empire; City of Rome;

  • David Potter at Michigan offers excellent Augustus lecture notes and links online  along with Augustus' Res Gestae: Annotated translation (Michigan) of Augustus' record of his accomplishments, and an encyclopedia-style article about Augustus and about other emperors
  • The Julius Caesar Site
  • Augustus: Testimonia, Univ. of Saskatchewan   a few passages on Augustus from Seneca, Suetonius, Tacitus
  • Augustus, University of Saskatchewan  nice 10-15 page summary of events of the years 44-31
  • Forum Romanum
  • Augustus links on the "Mantovano" home page devoted to Vergil at virgil.org include: links to John Porter on the Rise of Augustus; David L. Silverman on the transition from Republic to Empire, with an introduction to the primary sources as well as current historiography; Greg Ong on the formation of the second triumvirate, Antony vs. Octavian, the constitutional position of Augustus, his social reforms, and the second half of his principate
  • Primary sources on the "Mantovano" home page devoted to Vergil: a great annotated page with primary sources in English and sometimes Latin, such as Augustus's Res Gestae ("The emperor's own account of his works and deeds"), Plutarch's Life of Marc Antony, a pic of Augustus' Mausoleum, the Latin text of a letter from Augustus to his son Gaius, a biography of Augustus by Nicolaus of Damascus, Suetonius' Life of Augustus, Tacitus' comments on Augustsu and the end of the Republic, English translations of Augustan legislation on marriage, procreation, and adultery.
  • The Background page for Augustus on the "Mantovano" home page has links to T. Mayes on the Roman Kalendar, Clifton R. Fox's genealogical guide to the Julio-Claudians, Mark Morford's page of photos and site plans, with commentary, of the Augustan mausoleum complex, the Ara Pacis, the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, and the Gemma Augustea, Justin Paola'sVisual Compendium of Roman Emperors (portrait coins and sculpture); Chris Renauld's pics of Portrait busts of Augustus and Agrippa; labeled details from the Ara Pacis Augustæ, Kathyrn Andrus-Walck's pics of and and info on the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, the Ara Pacis Augustæ, and the Theater of Marcellus. With commentary and thumbnails.
  • Julius Caesar on the "Mantovano" home page: Primary sources, background and images, modern essays and historical fiction on Octavian's adoptive father.
  • John Paul Adams has a great Augustus page  with info and essays: a timneline of dates in the life of Augustus, a page on the personal, religious, magisterial, and political responsibilities of the princeps, brief descriptions of  "Building Projects in Rome in Augustus' Time,"  "Some Augustan Legislation," "Augustus' Illnesses," "Conspiracies against Augustus"
  • Garrett G. Fagan has an Introductory essay on Augustus, with bibliography and guide to

  • ancient sources. From De imperatoribus romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors.  The same source also has an essaay on Augustus by Nina C. Coppolino
  • Rome: Republic to Empire  Pages of Barbara F. McManus of The College of New Rochelle; links to her pages on   Roman Slavery and the Rebellion of Spartacus, Julius Caesar, Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra: (the end of the Roman Republic; our course!); Augustus and Tiberius (the beginnings of the Roman Empire), Caligula, Roman Names (more on the Roman name from Columbia), Roman Republican Government, Roman Social Classes and Political Factions of the Late Republic



    For links to a few COINS see here.

    For the "Eulogy of Turia" (discussed in class) see also online here

    A website on The House of Ptolemy has information and links on Cleopatra and her relatives.  They also have a page on "Caesar, Cleopatra, and Marcus Antonius and the Transition to a Greco-Roman (Roman Imperial) Egypt"

    The Forum Romanum  has a lot of good links, some just for fun, including a Chronology of Roman History, a Virtual Tour of Rome, a bit about the Latin Language, and an excellent list of Online Texts in Latin and English

    Roman history : long annotated list of websites on ancient Rome

    http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/ch18.htm  about 20 pp. by an (amateur?) historian online, from Spartacus through Augustus

    GOWINGCurriculum VitaeW/REVIEWS

    Text of Cornelius Nepos' "Life of Atticus" in English and Latin.  Cicero's friens, and the namesake of your bookstore.


    VROMA  images of Caesar, Caesar, Caesar, Caesar, Caesar on a coin, the Rubicon, Cleopatra?, Pompey. Info about these images here and here is VROMA's policy for image use.

    VROMA's Augustus of Prima Porta, several views of a bust of Augustus (scroll down to 43ff), McManus' images (see here for info) including Agrippa, Antony and Octavia on a coin, Octavian on a coin, Octavian and the deified Caesar on a coin, Augustus with toga and scrollcameo of Augustus and then another pic of it; another cameo; Augustus with the "civic crown; Augustus as pontifex, Augustus sacrificing, busts of Augustus and family members; Antony and Cleopatra on a coin (more pics still here including Livia, Caesar, Vergil etc.; see also here).

    Jim Higginbotham of Bowdoin has numerous annotated images for the Augustan period; several of these shown in class on 4/11/01 (mausoleum, drawing of sundial, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Julius)

    Mark Morford of Virginia has an annotated page called Augustus: Images of Power; several of these shwon in class on 4/11/01 (mausoleum, Ara Pacis, Augustus of Prima Porta)

    See also at VROMA Ross Scaife's images, including busts (altered later) of Sulla and Marius

    Doing a search for images at Perseus.tufts.edu with the keyword "Augustus" will get you links to photographs of a number of coins (34 of them) and sculptures and buildings related to Augustus.  Here is their policy for image use.


    The Perseus Project texts of Cicero texts in Latin (though you can click on words to get analysis of form or meaning) and English; only accessible from Wes or if you are a subscriber, I think.

    Latin texts of Cicero at patriot.net

    Latin and in some cases English texts of Cicero and many other authors online at the Forum Romanum; scroll down the alphabetical list to find Cicero texts

    Marcus Tullius Cicero-"The Cicero Homepage" Very good page; some pics, a chronology, links to texts, and some bibliography (aimed at advanced students, mainly).

    Cicero's Philosophy     Survey of Cicero's life and philosophical works on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, with links to pages explaining the various philosophcial schools

    Cicero's Oratory:A brief overview of Cicero's life and his work in philosophy and rhetoric.

    CICERO ON THE GENRES OF RHETORIC  "a translation by John F. Tinkler (c) 1995 of selected Ciceronian texts dealing with the deliberative and demonstrative genres"

    Mr. J's Cicero Page I don't know this guy's story, but he's got a Cicero page with a pic and some pretty good links




    Francis Ford Coppola’s plans for a version of the Catiline set in New York:  see here  or  here  (for the latter, look or search for the word Megalopolis about 5/6 of the way down)

    General Intro: Sallust's life, writing, and style, and Sallust as a Historian, Reprinted in its entirety from "Introduction", Sallust's Catiline, ed. Jared W. Scudder, Allyn & Bacon: Boston, 1900.
       IV. Sallust's Style
    Home page of a Graduate Course on Sallust at Penn. with Links to info on Cicero's Speeches against Catiline
    latin text at rutgers
    more latin texts:
    texts in latin (at patriot)

    A 1997 senior thesis on Sallust at St. John's

    encyclopedia stuff

    Histos (online journal): Robin Seager Review of A. Drummond: Law, Politics and Power. Sallust and the Execution of the Catilinarian Conspirators

    BMCR review of Drummond by James P. Holoka

    review of novel John Maddox Roberts The Catiline conspiracy New York : Avon, 1991
    (saylor page with catilina typo: http://www.twbooks.co.uk/authors/ssaylor1.html))

    As noted above under "fiction", Stephen Saylor has written a mystery novel, "Catilina's Riddle", which is fairly sympathetic to Catiline, offering a different look at the 63 BCE events covered by Sallust.  See more on Saylor above.

    (need more links specifically on Epodes, Satires)

    Selected Odes in English, on Diotima

    Horace's Villa Info, pictures and even a  Quicktime tour of Horace's Villa near Licenza, Italy; there are also some pages with English and Latin texts of poems related to the Villa

    Texts of Horace in Latin (patriot)

    Texts of Horace in English and Latin at Perseus.com((check))

    A Bibliography of Horace from Rutgers

    (need more links specifically on Eclogues, Georgics)

    Introduction to Latin Epic (Oxford): Life Histories of Roman Epic Poets
    Vergil's Home Page Links, info, etc., from Joe Farrell of Penn.

    The Vergil Project  from Joe Farrell of Penn., including news on Summer 98 NEH institute
    Syllabus for Latin 228 and 409, "Vergil's Aeneid"  partly-online course on V. taught by Penn.'s Joe Farrell in 1995
    Vergilius Bibliography Index  "Vergilius" is a journal that includes a bibliography of new work on V. each year
    Mantovano   An Online, Ongoing Discussion of Virgil and His Influence (you can subscribe)
    Virgil in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Renaissance: An Online Bibliography  from the people who bring you "Mantovano" (also lists basic Vergil paperback books)
    Mark Morford's Online Images of Fall or Troy, Dido, Underworld From a scholar at the University of Virginia
    Perseus Project Text of Vergil in English & Latin w/ Notes  Great resource! Latin text of Vergil, translations by both Dryden and a modern scholar, line-by-line commentary of both Servius (Latin, late antiquity) and Conington (19th Cent.), and info. on each Latin form in Vergil
    A Bibliographic Guide to Vergil's Aeneid Ongoing project of Prof. Shirley Werner of Rutgers U.
    Vergil's Aeneid (Brooklyn College course notes)
    Courses taught on him here at Wesleyan:

    CCIV 274/ HIST 274/ COL 279 = CCIV 116/ HIST 126 History & Literature of the Roman Revolution
    CCIV 203/ HUM 203: Latin Literature in English Translation
    CCIV 325: Roman Epic
    LAT 244/HUMS 645: Neoteric & Pastoral: Catullus 61-68 & Vergil’s Eclogues

    Intro to Livy from Reed College
    Livy Bibliography

    Latin texts (patriot)
    Latin text, Books 1-2
    Search the Latin text
    Perseus Project text of Livy in English and Latin with Helps
    Livy Books 1-5 in English at Virginia

    Livy and Etruscan Women, by Iain McDougall, The Ancient History Bulletin 4.2 (1990) 24-30
    James T. Chlup, Review of Mary Jaeger, Livy's Written Rome

    encycopledia article

    General Classical Studies  ((these all need to be checked)):
    Wesleyan Classical Studies Department Home Page
    Related Resources for Classical Studies (Wesleyan Page)
    Perseus Project Home Page Great online material on Greek stuff: texts in G. & E., pics of vases etc., historical and mythological background. Roman stuff (next) just getting started
    Roman Perseus Roman part of the Perseus Project has texts and translations of major authors.
    Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World (lots of info: links, pics, bibliog., some texts)
    Ovid: Metamorphoses (great set of links on a page at Reed College)
    Diotima Anthology of Translated Materials
    Tech Classics Archive (Eng trans)
    The Romulus Project: An Electronic Library of Latin Literature With Virtual Commentary
    CLASSICS List (an internet discussion list; often annoying but sometimes useful & fun)

    Other sites for Classics Resources in general:
    Bibliography: see also Diotima and other sites