The Roman Novel: Petronius & Apuleius
LAT 252/HUMS 652: Spring Semester 2000
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Websites on Petronius, Apuleius, or the ancient novel
Apuleius - Metamorphosen bibliography, esp. to Cupid & Psyche, by a German scholar
Apuleius Web page of Luca Graverini: extensive
Apuleius Bibliography
Apuleius Web page
The Petronian Society Ancient Novel Web Page
Petronian Society Bibliography Bibliography of the Ancient Novel  (extensive!)
  Search Supplementary PSN Database
The Ancient Novel Webpage
The Ancient Novel-JDBHamilton
Petronius  brief page by W. Harris of Middlebury
Tacitus on the death of Petronius
APULEIUS & The Defense Forum Frigate
Banned Books inluding Petronius & Apuleius
APULEIUS - all about and more
PETRON Frames-Version: A German scholar's Petronius page
apuleius.htm: brief info in German
Fonti Letterarie: Italian page with links for Apuleius (and others)
McCreight Apuleius Bibliography
Course materials elsewhere
Apuleius, Apologia: seminar Prof. Jim O'Donnell's online course at Penn. on A.s' Apology
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The Theatrics of Anger in Apuleius's Apologia
The Satyricon of Petronius notes on P. for a Latin course
Word-List for Petronius's Cena Trimalchionis, U. of Sask.
Latin 80 home page   Petronius and the Age of Nero at Kenyon College
In Search of Cupid and Psyche: Course Outline Rutgers
In Search of Cupid and Psyche: Chapter One Rutgers
Apuleius: Questions 1 Rutgers
petronius_syllabus at Texas
Report Topics for P.s' Satyricon, U. of Saskatchewan
Middlebury class on Seneca, P. and Neronian Lit.
A class on Apuleius at EMORY
A Petronius course Spring 97

Other Roman and especially Greek novels
Summary of Heliodorus' Ethiopian Story
The Life of Apollonius of Tyana - Philostratus {220 AD} - INDEX
Apollonius, King of Tyre (summary)
Leukippe and Kleitophon (summary)

Summary of Xenophon of Ephesus' Ephesian Romance. Story

Book reviews, publication notices. and online articles (P and A)

Trimalchio: An Early Version of "The Great Gatsby"    will be published by Cambridge in 2000
BMCR Review: Connors, Petronius the Poet
BMCReview 98.12.10, Finkelpearl, Met. of Language in A.
BMCReview 99.05.02: Müller, Ovid/Apuleius.
BMCRreview 02.02.14: Slater. Reading Petronius
BMCReview 04.02.12:  Schlam, The Met. of Apuleius
BMCReview 95.05.08: Walsh, tr. Apuleius
BMCReview 97.2.31: Merkelbach, Isis regina
BMCReview 97.6.14: Apul. Book IX commentary
Review: Electronic Antiquities III.5: Branham/Kinney, tr. Petronius
Review: Fantham, Rom. Literary Culture: From Cicero to Apuleius - AJP 119:1

OUP USA: Apuleius: A Latin Sophist, by S. J. HARRISON
McMahon, Paralysin Cave: Impotence, Perception, and Text in the S. of P.
Petronius: Selections from the Satyricon, ed. Lawall
Quartilla's Cure  a paper by Dennis P. Quinn
Niall W. Slater: An Echo of Ars Poetica 5 in Petronius
Auctor and Actor
The Golden Asse
The Religious Dreamworld of Apuleius' Metamorphoses
McGlathery - P's ... Widow of Ephesus & Bakhtin's Material Bodily Lower Stratum
Abstract of paper on Memory in Petronius
Structure litt*raire des M*tamorphoses (unpublished study from Louvain)
Conference and lecture notices
ICAN 2000 International Conference on the Ancient Novel July 2000
ICAN 2000 menu.htm
The Martin Lectures at Oberlin College for 99-00 will be: Prof. J.H. Gaisser: Transformations of Apuleius

Apuleius Conference announcement

Texts in English or Latin of all or part of A or P

Petronius: Satiricon Text In Latin
The Satyricon Translated by Alfred. R. Allinson, privately issued for subscribers ony, 1933
Text of Apuleius in Latin
Apuleius' Vision of the White Goddess (from Book XI, in English)
Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche (text in Latin)
The Golden Asse: Adlington's translation, 1566
Apuleius' Apology in Latin
Cupid & Psyche (text in Latin)
Papy-L: Apuleius update (fwd)
Apuleius' de Deo Socratis (in Latin)
Apuleius' de Mundo (in Latin)
Psyche and Cupid (in Latin)

Weird Petronius stuff (not all about our Petronius)
Petronius Arbiter, Time Traveller
Aphorisms by Author: Petronius Arbiter (FAKE!!)
Gaius Petronius Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic
Carpe Diem
Restaurants - Petron ius

SATYRICON .USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier
RR:  039 Petronius Arbiter on Reorganization(fake!)
Catholic Encyclopedia: PETRONIUS, SAINT
Tom Swift and the Captive Planetoid (named Petronius)
The Throne of the Caesars: Petronius Maximus
songs for petronius
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  • Related Resources for Classical Studies (Wesleyan Page)
  • Perseus Project Home Page (Great online material on Greek stuff: texts in G. & E., pics of vases etc., historical and mythological background. Roman stuff [next] just getting started.)
  • Roman Perseus (Roman part of Perseus project is in early stages but has texts and translations of major authors.)
  • Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World (lots of info: links, pics, bibliog., some texts)
  • Diotima Anthology of Translated Materials
  • Tech Classics Archive (Eng trans)
  • The Romulus Project: An Electronic Library of Latin Literature With Virtual Commentary
  • CLASSICS List (an internet discussion list; often annoying but sometimes useful & fun)
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